The Occupation in Figures
Nagorno-Karabakh: 1988-1992, territory 4400 km2; Shusha: may 08, 1992, territory 289 km2; Lachin: may 18, 1992, territory 1840 km2; Kalbajar: april 2, 1993, territory 3054 km2; Aghdam: july 23, 1993, territory 1150 km2; Fizuli: august 23, 1993, territory 1390 km2; Jabrayil: august 23, 1993, territory 1050 km2; Gubadli: august 31, 1993, territory 802 km2; Zangilan: october 29, 1993, territory 707 km2.

Old Irevan

Irevan- Ancient Azerbaijan land

For every Azerbaijani  the city of Irevan is as dear and native as ancient cities Baki, Ganja, Sheki, Derbend, Nakhchevan, Tabriz, Ardabil. At different times the area of Iravan was a part of  Urartian Sassanid, Arabian caliphates,  Sajids, Shaddadids, Seljugs, Eldanizians, Ilhanilians, Teymurians, Garagoyunlu, Aghgoyunlu, Safavids, Afshars,.. 

Irevan: Historical Information

The territory of the city Iravan was annexed by different states in different times, such as Urartu, Sasani, the Arabian Caliphate, Sajids, Shaddadids, Seldgugs, Eldanizians,, Ilhanians, Teymurians, Garagoyunlu Aghgoyunlu, Safavids, Əfsharis,  Gajiars states. Socio-economic development of he city Iravan   as a center goes to the Chukhur-Saad beylerbeylik and the Iravan Khanate periods. At the medieval history sources the name of the city was stated as Revan or Iravan.

The population of Iravan

To get the information about the population of the city of Iravan can be come across in separate travellers’ and chronographers’ notes till XIX century and tax books compiled during the Ottoman occupation.  Cameral census held after the occupation of Iravan khannet by Russian troops, statistical reports and annually published calendars give enough detailed information about the population of the city.

Ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis

The Armenians who didn’t miss the opportunity to take the advantage of unrests in Russia in 1905-1906, committed on a mass scale massacres against Azerbaijani civilians in Baku, Irevan, Yelizavetepol (Ganja) and Tiflis. 

Historic-architectural monuments of Irevan

Numerous towers, military fortresses, fortress-towns  existed in historical Azerbaijani lands –present-day Republic of Armenia. Medieval and Russian invasion period sources inform on Irevan Fortress, Kechi Tower, Sardarabad Tower, Talin Tower, Gumru Tower, Shoreyel Tower which existed in the territory of the present day Armenia for fortification.