İşğal faktı rəqəmlərdə
Dağlıq Qarabağ: işğal tarixi - 1988-1992-ci illər, ərazisi - 4400 kv.km; Şuşa rayonu: işğal tarixi - 8 may 1992-ci il, ərazisi - 289 kv.km; Laçın rayonu: işğal tarixi - 18 may 1992-ci il, ərazisi - 1840 kv.km; Kəlbəcər rayonu: işğal tarixi - 2 aprel 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 3054 kv.km; Ağdam rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 iyul 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1150 kv.km; Cəbrayıl rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1050 kv.km; Füzuli rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1390 kv.km; Qubadlı rayonu: işğal tarixi - 31 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 802 kv.km; Zəngilan rayonu: işğal tarixi - 29 oktyabr 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 707 kv.km.

Prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons

The State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of  War, Hostages and Missing People registered 4049 missing citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan. There are 47 children (17 person juvenile girls), 247 women and 347 elderly (149 women) ones among them (on 1.01.2011).


1399 Azerbaijan citizens (343 women and 1056 men) were released from Armenian captivity in 1988-2011. There are 170 children (65 person juvenile girls) and 289 elderly (112 person aged women) ones among them (on 1.01.2011).


According to the well-founded information we possess on our side, one part of 4049 missing Azerbaijan citizens are remaining in the Armenian captivity at the moment, this fact is still hidden by the Armenian party from international organizations, including the ICRC. The list of these persons has been compiled on the grounds of testimonies of those released from Armenian captivity, as well as through.


Data and the materials acting in the State Commission, speak that 553 person has been killed in Armenian to a captivity or have died for the various reasons (tortures, illnesses, etc.). From them 104 person - women, 448 person - men. At 137 person their names are revealed only, and 74 person have remained unknown persons.

Source: The State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons