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Dağlıq Qarabağ: işğal tarixi - 1988-1992-ci illər, ərazisi - 4400 kv.km; Şuşa rayonu: işğal tarixi - 8 may 1992-ci il, ərazisi - 289 kv.km; Laçın rayonu: işğal tarixi - 18 may 1992-ci il, ərazisi - 1840 kv.km; Kəlbəcər rayonu: işğal tarixi - 2 aprel 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 3054 kv.km; Ağdam rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 iyul 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1150 kv.km; Cəbrayıl rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1050 kv.km; Füzuli rayonu: işğal tarixi - 23 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 1390 kv.km; Qubadlı rayonu: işğal tarixi - 31 avqust 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 802 kv.km; Zəngilan rayonu: işğal tarixi - 29 oktyabr 1993-cü il, ərazisi - 707 kv.km.

Speeches of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in connection with Garabagh conflict

….. The main problem faced by our country for a long time is occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory by Armenia. This occupation started with aggressive separatism by Armenia against Azerbaijan. This policy resulted in the occupation of the former Nagorno Garabagh Autonomous Oblast and our 7 regions outside the administrative borders of the oblast. Armenians never lived in these 7 regions of Azerbaijan. They are areas settled only by Azerbaijanis ...


... This situation is going on more than 10 years. In May of this year will be the tenth year of the cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan and up to 10 years the negotiations had not results Of course, we can not reconcile this situation. Azerbaijan will never agree with the loss of the territory. The solution of the problem should be based on the international law. Azerbaijan»s respects the territorial integrity of all countries in the world and demands respecting it, too occasion. Our territorial integrity must be restored. Armenian occupying forces should be withdrawn from occupied territories. The opportunity should be given to refugees, internally displaced persons for returning to their homes. In XXI century we should not allow to occupy a territory of one country-member of the Council of Europe - Azerbaijan by another member –country of the Council of Europe – Armenia.


From speech at the meeting of the PACE, spring session in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, April 29, 2004


... There are numerous historical and religious monuments in other regions of Azerbaijan, and they are protected by the state. However, as a result of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, we can not preserve our historical heritage in the occupied territories. Because our lands are under occupation. As a result of this aggression and ethnic cleansing policy, 20 percent of our territory has been occupied, for more than one million of our compatriots living in the state of refugees and displaced persons. At the same time, all the historical monuments destroyed by Armenians. All the museums were looted, all religious tombs, mosques were destroyed. It is at the same time, was stressed by international observers. In 2005, during the OSCE fact-finding mission to Nagorno-Garabagh and other occupied territories, all this was given in the report prepared during the visit. It was stated that everything was destroyed by Armenia. In other words, it is the result of Armenian vandalism; this is a result of the aggressive policy of occupying. No doubt after liberation of our lands, we will restore all our historical monuments. We will restore all the cities, will build all the buildings. But to do so the conflict is to be put an end. Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Garabagh conflict must end. Azerbaijan»s territorial integrity must be restored and our citizens must return to their homeland ...


From President Ilham Aliyev»s speech at the opening ceremony of culture year "Baku- Islamic Culture Capital-2009", Baku, February 18, 2009



... You, the Azerbaijanis living world, know well that Nagorno-Garabagh is historical and native land of Azerbaijan. Throughout the centuries, our people have lived and worked on those areas. The Armenians came to this place as a guest. We are well aware of the history of their settlement in Nagorno-Garabagh. In the past, Armenians had erected the monument in 1978 reflecting the settlement of Armenians in Nagorno-Garabagh. Armenians in the first years of the war destroyed that monument. However, it is not possible to change the history.


The history is history. Armenians marking 150th anniversary of their settlement in Garabagh in 1978, know well that they came to these lands as a guest. Not only Nagorno-Garabagh»s history but history of present-day Armenia was formed in the territory of Azerbaijan. Erivan khanate, Zangezur mahal are our historical territories. If we look at the map, we can see that as a result of giving Zangezur to Armenia from Azerbaijan the Turkic world had been divided geographically. In other words, giving of Zangezur to Armenia had very negative consequences. Now we do not claim that these lands to be unite to Azerbaijan. However, each and every citizen, every child should know their history. They should know that these regions are the historical Azerbaijani lands. To solve the problem, of course, all factors should be considered. History is clear. This is our land, not only Nagorno-Garabagh and other areas. International law supports our position fully. In the statement of heads of states of Minsk Group co-chair the Helsinki Final Act is referred. This Act clearly states that the principles of territorial integrity of nations must not be in contradiction to right of self-determination. Thus, from the legal point of view our position is   strong. ...


Speech of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at III World Congress of Azerbaijanis, 

July 05, 2011



...All over the world recognize Nagorno-Garabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan. No country, including Armenia, does not recognize independence of Nagorno-Garabakh. This is natural, because the Nagorno-Garabakh is located in the middle of Azerbaijan. None of the administrative boundaries of the Nagorno-Garabakh during the Soviet period was same with administrative boundaries of Armenian Republic. In other words, it was a small region located within Azerbaijan. 


International law requires that our lands to be liberated from occupation, all refugees to be returned to their homeland. Therefore, the norms of international law must be restored. All our refugees must return to their native lands.


As far as the Armenians living in Nagorno Garabakh concerned they will live there as before. We are not against it. This is a wonderful experience in the world. In every country, of course, with the exception of Armenia, different nations live, in Turkey, in Azerbaijan, we can say that in most countries of the world.  Armenia is mono state, nobody except Armenians live there, because they can not live, they can not coexist with other nation.


Therefore, Azerbaijan as a multinational state, of course, will create the conditions for the Armenians living there, will help them, and they will use all rights in the future as citizens of the Azerbaijan state.


If Armenia will take into account the reality and the situation changing in favor of Azerbaijan then it will take a correct decision and withdraw from the occupied lands, then peace will be restored, all roads will be opened, all countries, especially countries in the Caucasus, and those located at our geographical area will be in close contact with each other. It is our desire. We do not claim for a single inch of land in Armenia. Despite those lands are historical Azerbaijani lands. Irevan khanate, Zangezur region, Goycha region are our lands and Armenia had established the state on this land. We never permit the establishment of a second Armenian state on Azerbaijani land.  I would like to say once again that if Armenia will take into account the present-day realities and Azerbaijan»s increasing political authority, economic strength, take the correct step, leave the occupied territories, then these days would be concerned to the Armenians living in Nagorno-Garabakh. If it will not understand and continue the policy of occupation, then for Armenia, for Nagorno-Garabakh the results can be very painful.


In other words, we do not see a solution here outside of international law. Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people will never accept the independence of Nagorno-Garabakh. The sooner Armenia will understand it, it would be better for it. In fact, Armenia will have to leave own position. Their position is to see Nagorno-Garabakh as an independent country. But it will not be possible. Because without the consent of Azerbaijan it can not be possible. We can not agree with it ever. Therefore, if Armenia would leave this position, then we can achieve a speedy solution of the problem. At that time, living of Armenians in Nagorno-Garabakh, i.e, normal living, will be possible in the conditions of security.


Now they live in fear. We know it. People can not live in constant fear. Because they know perfectly that the today the Azerbaijani army can restore easily, easily its sovereignty in Nagorno Garabakh! We simply do not want to shed blood again, do not want to start the war again. We try to do it by peaceful means, through negotiations. Who wants the war to be re-started? But we can not be reconciled with this situation. In general, this situation can not last more.


If you pay attention, the presidents and foreign ministers of Minsk Group co-chairing countries make the statements that the status quo is not acceptable, this status quo is to be changed. They began to give such statements just from last year. Why? Because everyone understands that the status quo can not remain so. Because of strengthening Azerbaijan day by day and weakening and getting poor Armenia. How it can be that our lands are under the occupation? It is not possible. Every day, every month, every year the population of Azerbaijan»s increasing, the Armenian population is decreasing. In other words, I repeat, the Armenian leadership should treat this issue through the prism of reality. At least they must forecast five year, ten year ahead to see, how will be the ratio of powers here after five, ten years later? Azerbaijan state will never reconcile with this situation. Azerbaijani youth will never reconcile with this situation.


In Armenia, there is some wrong intention in some cases that generations will be changed, the young generation will be grown, which never were in Garabakh, they will not want to return to Garabakh. This is absolutely the wrong approach. Maybe this is a feature peculiar to the Armenians, but the Azerbaijani people have the historical memory. Every young man born in Baku, in tent city, from Garabakh lives with the desire to return to Garabakh. Garabagh will never be forgotten, never! Therefore, sooner or later we will restore our territorial integrity. I have not doubt in it. Simply, I would like it to happen soon and if possible, without shedding of blood.


From President Ilham Aliyev»s  interview to the Turkish TRT  TV channel 

Baku city, February 29, 2012



…..in places subjected to military conflicts, especially in territories under the foreign occupation as a rule conditions are formed for having a bargain between  terrorists and those keeping those areas under control. Azerbaijan has been undergone to terrorism by different ways. Azerbaijan has been turned to the direct target of the activities of terror organized outside. Armenian Republic had committed dozens of terroristic acts against civil population of Azerbaijan and its infrastructure. In the result of this over two thousand Azerbaijanis had lost their lives. Armenia has committed those acts of terror using groups of international terror with direct participation of his own power structures. At active phase of Armenian-Azerbaijani, Nagorno-Garabagh conflict Armenia has used wide acts of terror against the civil population in addition to military aggression to achieve ethnic cleansing.


The same acts of vandalism reached its culmination on February of 1992 by destroying the Khojaly population. At that 613 sinless people, including women, children and adults lost their lives. Over hundred women, sixty-three children have been killed. Armenia used to fight civilians in the far distance from the conflict zone, at public transport and places of important infrastructure, by exploding bomb in 1994 in Baku subway and other actions...


Speech of Mr. Ilham Aliyev at the meeting of the UN Security Council

New York City, May 04, 2012



... The Armenian side believes that Nagorno-Karabakh would be an independent state ever. It is a dream, a fantasy, it will never be possible. The world community recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh as territory of Azerbaijan and it is reflected documents in all important documents of international organizations.  In a recent decision of this community – 120 countries joined his movement, i.e. the majority of the world community, it is expected that the issue will be resolved within the territorial integrity. At NATO Summit in Chicago in May of this year, the last statement states about the resolution of conflict within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Of course, you know that the UN Security Council has resolutions, and so on. 


In other words, this is a simple approach, and I have no doubt that the time will come and Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity ...


... Azerbaijan is an independent state, and it functions in international organizations and leading international organizations operating protect the position of Azerbaijan. The United Nations, the General Assembly had adopted a resolution on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, adopted in accordance with our interests. The UN Security Council adopted 4 Resolutions. Aligned Movement, which unites of 120 countries, supported our position. Organization of Islamic Cooperation has supported our position entirely. So we say again, we would not turn from the road we took. The noise raised by Armenians has no significance.


Ilham Aliyev»s speech at opening of newly constructed Youth Centre

Tartar city, October 07, 2012


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