The Occupation in Figures
Nagorno-Karabakh: 1988-1992, territory 4400 km2; Shusha: may 08, 1992, territory 289 km2; Lachin: may 18, 1992, territory 1840 km2; Kalbajar: april 2, 1993, territory 3054 km2; Aghdam: july 23, 1993, territory 1150 km2; Fizuli: august 23, 1993, territory 1390 km2; Jabrayil: august 23, 1993, territory 1050 km2; Gubadli: august 31, 1993, territory 802 km2; Zangilan: october 29, 1993, territory 707 km2.

Ali Ahmadov: Armenians to regret their provocations

Ali Ahmadov: Armenians to regret their provocations



Armenians will regret committing provocation, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov told reporters Feb. 25.

The frontline provocations committed by the Armenian armed forces on the eve of the Khojaly genocide’s 25th anniversary show the instigating nature of Armenians, said Ahmadov.

“The Armenian side’s frequent provocations under various pretexts are not news. I would like to note with deep regret that Armenians don’t give up their habit of committing provocations, and, apparently, they are not going to waive that habit,” noted the deputy prime minister. “Armenians have been trying to reach their goals via provocations.”

“I am absolutely confident that the Azerbaijani army, our hero soldiers, as always, will give an adequate response to the Armenian provocation,” he added. “The Azerbaijani army is strong enough and resolute, its combat capability is at a high level. Our army is ready to suppress not only Armenian provocations, but also large-scale battles, from which it will emerge as a winner.”

Armenian army attempted to infiltrate through the Azerbaijani positions along the line of contact on the night from Feb. 24 to Feb. 25, said the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry Feb. 25.

The Armenian side attempted to seize favorable positions on the Khojavand-Fuzuli part of the frontline, said the ministry, adding heavy battles took place between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops.

The Armenian side’s large-scale provocation attempt was timely detected and resolutely prevented, said the ministry. “Azerbaijani military units courageously prevented the attacks and the Armenian side was forced to retreat,” according to the Defense Ministry.

Azerbaijan has casualties as a result of the battles, said the ministry. The Armenian side, which didn’t succeed in moving forward, continues heavy artillery shelling of Azerbaijani positions.

The ministry added that adequate response measures are being taken against the Armenian fire positions and force concentration zones.