İşgal olgusu rakamlarda
Dağlık Karabağ: işgal tarihi - 1988-1992 yılları, arazisi - 4400 kv.km; Şuşa bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 8 Mayıs 1992, arazisi -289 kv.km; Laçin bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 18 Mayıs 1992, arazisi 1840 kv.km; Kelbecer rayonu: işgal tarihi - 2 Nisan 1993, arazisi - 054 kv.km; Ağdam bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 23 Temmuz 1993, arazisi -1150 kv.km; Cebrail bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 23 Ağustos 1993, arazisi - 1050 kv.km; Fuzuli bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 23 Ağustos 1993, arazisi -1390 kv.km; Kubadlı bölgesi: işgal tarihi - 31 Ağustos 1993, arazisi - 802 kv.km; Zengilan rayonu: işgal tarihi - 29 Ekim 1993, arazisi - 707 km kare


İnteraktiv xəritə

Ermənistan tərəfindən işğal olunmuş Azərbaycanın Dağlıq Qarbağ bölgəsi və ətraf rayonlar haqqında faktlarla mərkəzin hazırladığı interaktiv xəritədə tanış ola bilərsiniz.


The Thirtieth Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Unity and Dignity), held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, from  27 to 29 Rabiul Awwal 1424H (28 to 30 May, 2003),
Proceeding from the principles and objectives of the Charter of the Organization of the Islamic Conference;


Your Excellency was interested to find with my help out more details about the methods, which were taken for the resettlement of Armenians from Azerbaijan and their current settlement in our oblasts. Here is the truth of the matter, to my best knowledge: colonel Lazarev considered himself the main initiator of this emigration, of which he declared openly, but unfoundedly, because Armenians did not have the slightest idea of him, but were only moved by their devotion to Russia and willingness to obey the Russian laws. The treaty provided them with such a right. 

USSR COUNCIL OF MINISTERS DECREE №4083 of December 23rd 1947

On resettlement of collective farmers and other Azeri population from the Armenian SSR to Kur-Araks lowlands of the Azerbaijan SSR.
Amendment 10/III-48 г. N: 754
The USSR Council of Ministers hereby DECIDES:
1. To voluntarily resettle 100,000 collective farmers and other Azeri population from the Armenian SSR to the Kur-Araks lowland of the Azerbaijan SSR from 1948 to 1950, including 10,000 persons in 1948, 40,000 persons in 1949 and 50,000 in 1950.

Speeches of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in connection with Garabagh conflict

….. The main problem faced by our country for a long time is occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory by Armenia. This occupation started with aggressive separatism by Armenia against Azerbaijan. This policy resulted in the occupation of the former Nagorno Garabagh Autonomous Oblast and our 7 regions outside the administrative borders of the oblast. Armenians never lived in these 7 regions of Azerbaijan. They are areas settled only by Azerbaijanis ...