Community: "Choosing as target of such ancient city as Ganja testifies to Armenia’s dangerous policy against humanity"


 "Aggressive Armenia continues its menaces and threats against Azerbaijan. In recent days, such a threat has been disseminated regarding the intended strike on Azerbaijan’s historic city of Ganja. This statement voiced through the criminal regime established on our country’s occupied territories is another manifestation of Armenia’s aggression and hatred against our country and anti-Azerbaijan prejudice", reads the statement of the Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno Garabagh, APA reports. 

It is noted in the statement that the choosing as a target of such a city as Ganja having ancient history and holding a specific place in the world cultural heritage testifies to Armenia’s dangerous policy directed against humanity: "This once again shows that Armenia has raised terror and vandalism to the level of state policy and today, insistently continues that policy orientation.
This has also found its confirmation in Armenia’s national security strategy document issued in recent days. It is senseless to expect anything else from Armenia’s leaders gloating over downfall of an ancient civilization that played important role in the history of humankind. The occupant Armenia also tries to build its “welfare” on our life style and heritage destructed and annihilated by it.

On the one hand threatening civilians of Ganja by subjecting massacre against them, this country, on the other hand, builds underground shelters for “protecting civilians” living in our occupied territories. It shows that Armenia is not interested in peaceful settlement of the conflict and looking for new opportunities and pretexts for new attacks against our country. We want the settlement of the conflict through negotiations way and support the coexistence of the Armenian community of Nagorno Garabagh with the Azerbaijani community in peace within the territorial integrity of our country."