The virtual campaign "All for Karabakh" is conducted by the Information Communication Technology Centre and disseminates the truth about Karabakh across the world wide web.

Goal of the campaign

- To convey objective information to the international community in contemporary style about Karabakh»s history and culture and the Armenia – Azerbaijan Nagorno–Karabakh conflict.

- To draw the attention of the international community, youth, the socially active and the law-abiding, in short those who seek justice for the tragic condition of the hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani IDPs, victims of Armenia»s occupation of Karabakh.

- To devise increasingly effective ways of appealing to the international community for a just resolution of the Armenia – Azerbaijan Nagorno–Karabakh conflict in terms which protect Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

- To extend interest in and love for Karabakh, as well as patriotic sentiment in young people.

- To disseminate academic, historical, social, photographic and video materials about Karabakh across the web.

Campaign Activity:

- The virtual movement "All For Karabakh" is open to all: people of goodwill in Azerbaijan and abroad, youth, NGOs and Youth organizations can join our campaign.

- The campaign can support initiatives to mount exhibitions, presentations and seminars as well as other organizational issues, both domestic and international.

- The campaign can be highlighted in the local and international media.

- We invite you to use the campaign's logo in different activities to publicise the realities of Karabakh on the Internet and social networks.

Our main aims are to ensure that Karabakh is not forgotten and to convey Azerbaijan's just position on the Armenia–Azerbaijan Nagorno – Karabakh conflict to all people of goodwill and justice.

We express our deep gratitude to all who support us on our way.

"Virtual Karabakh" Information & Communication Technology Centre