There was an opening of the office of “Virtual Karabakh” Information - Communication Technology Centre

On December 14, 2013 there was an opening of the office of “Virtual Karabakh”  Information --Communication Technology Centre. 

The ‘Virtual Karabakh’ Information- Communication Technology Centre was established as part of the State Programme ‘Azerbaijan Youth from 2011-2015’ confirmed by decree of President Ilham Aliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 7th July 2011.

Its main purpose is to create a centralised database of internet resources concerning Karabakh. Another purpose in establishing the Centre is to provide useful, objective information about the Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan and about the Armenia–Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno – Karabakh. 

The project was implemented with support from the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Collaborators in the establishment of the Centre included the Union of Azerbaijan Students Youth Organizations, the ‘Our Generation’ Regional Youth Development Association, the Refugees and IDPs’ Youth Organization, the Public Union of Health Development and Enlightenment and the Public Union of New Writers’ and Artists’ Societies.

www.virtualkarabakh.az is the official website of the Information-Communication Technology Centre. The website also operates with domains including org/com/net/co.uk.

The centralised database of internet resources about Karabakh on the www.virtualkarabakh.az website has ICT- based presentations, records, photographs and videos provided by individuals and organisations, including youth organizations, working both at home and abroad.

A conference hall for different activities, electronic library to use electronic  books resources concerning to Karabakh, photo-video studio, rooms named  after occupied regions are functioning in the Centre.  The participants had a particular interest on Info-man voice kiosk sounding information about Karabakh.  Placing of the map of Karabakh  on the ceiling of the Centre  was assessed as an interesting setting.

Nureddin  Mehdiyev , the chairman of the Youth Affairs Public Council under  the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the project coordinator made a speech at the opening  of the office of  Virtual Karabakh "Information - Communication Technology Centre. He stated that the  main purpose  of the project  isn’t to put Karabakh into virtual frame  ,but rather to promote the truth about Karabakh in the Internet space.

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Social and Political Department Tahir Suleymanov,  Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan  Intigam Babayev , Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic and the leaders and members of youth organizations participated in the opening ceremony.