Presentation of the "Zangezur" and "Gubadli" 3D documentary films

Presentation of the "Zangezur" and "Gubadli" 3D documentary films in three languages (Azerbaijani, English and Russian), the Karabakh Carpets electronic album and the new portal of the centre organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the "Virtual Karabakh" Information and Communication Technology Center was held at the Holiday Inn Baku Hotel on December 26, 2017. 
The documentary film "Zangezur", produced by the Center in cooperation with the History Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic, reflects the belonging of the Zangezur region to the ancient history of Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the documentary film is to deliver this information objectively to the Azerbaijan society, the world community as well as to the future generations.

The "Gubadli" 3D graphic film will be presented in Azerbaijani and English languages. This film spoke about the Gubadli's historical monuments, fortresses, streets, Muslim and Christian monuments, which are the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. 

One of the new products of the "Virtual Karabakh" ICT Center is the Electronic Garabagh Carpets album. The album contains brief information about famous Karabakh carpets and photos. Scientific adviser of the project is the Academician Naila Velikhanli. The author of the text is a philosopher on history Guluzade Abdulova. 

The State and Government officials, Parliament deputies, representatives of the scientific community, the Heads of the public organizations and youth organizations attended the presentation.